Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday June 14th - the official 37th Birthday Post #4

Greetings all, I wasn't going to post today but I just read a fantastic email from one of our old friends from Raleigh - Phil 'The Philmeister' Wong. We had the pleasure of a surprise visit by Phil and his lovely wife Heather about a month ago (seen with Amanda at our house) when they were in Colorado on vacation and were gracious to take the time to stop by for some buffalo steaks (OH YEAH MIDWEST, YOU GOTTA GET ON THAT) and great conversation. We first met Phil at Fairmont Methodist Church in Raleigh where, you won't believe this kids, we all sang in the choir together (I know you all can picture Amanda in this role, but call Guiness folks, I was blessed with some decent pipes, not Pavarotti, but good enough for some good inner city Methodists), and also enjoyed some cold brews and BBQ (NC Style-none of that Texas Red stuff) from time to time during our 5 years in Raleigh. As most of you know, Amanda and I left, but my brother remains a Tar Heel. It's always good to be in touch with Phil and our other friends when we get a chance - a few years go by, but it's just like we never left off.

Phil's a good man, a real peach, a trooper, and likes to dispense some of his "home cooked" southern wisdom - This night, I give you his latest: "A wise man once said the portal to true enlightenment is not through knowing but through the quest for enlightenment, and a cold brew and some pizza." circa 1950.


Phil and everyone at Fairmont Church - thanks for putting us on the prayer list, I know with the Power of Jimmy V & the NC State Wolfpack on our side (and some of those Dukies too Heather!) we'll get through this better than ever, albeit with maybe a little less hair. Phil - you and I might just have more in common after this is all over, anyhow!

Carpe diem.


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