Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday, June 11th - Post #2

D-Day.....Team Baker invades the continent to take back control from the little bastards.

Here I am, chilling in the comfy room at the Cancer Center with Mom watching HGTV on the telly (No, I am not gay, just a sensitive hetero designer) waiting for the last round of chemo drugs to drip into my system. Our ETD is about an hour or so, around 4 pm.

Believe it or not, it's been a pretty smooth day. A little harrowing at the beginning, as one of the first drugs they put into your system are some steroids, as well as a big bag of Benadryl to help counteract the effects of the cancer drugs. Well, I had a bit of a reaction to the Benadryl resulting in a series of pretty bad shakes. It's not to be unexpected, as the amount they gave me was a bit more (ha ha) than you can get over the counter.

Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, they found a magic bag of substance that they pushed into the port and VOILA! I was as relaxed & happy as the people at the first row of a Blues Traveler Concert.

Amanda was with me in the morning, and my folks arrived to take the afternoon shift - their support has been amazing, and is a wonderful help to us that helps us to live a reasonably normal life. We're truly blessed to have great parents.

The big test will be the next 24 hours, and any symptoms I have tonight or tomorrow. But, the key as I have learned is to take it "one day at a time" - just like the theme song from the bad 1970's TV show.

By the way, Dr. Hinshaw got a good chuckle out of the new hairdo.

Carpe diem.


  1. I don't know who this lymphoma thinks it's messin' with but by God, it will! I've never seen you back down to anything and I guaran-damn-tee that this is not going to be the thing that gets the best of ya! You hang in there, buddy. I think that if we could bottle up your attitude and sell it on ebay, we could probably just cure this whole cancer business once and for all! The gang here in Ohio is thinkin' about ya and we can't wait to read the words "Baker-1, Cancer-0" Rock on, brotha! -- Jason Plogher (

  2. Bill - coming from the west coast - we're thinking of you. I've seen people go through things like this, and its hard as hell and parts are truly awful, but they pull through and stronger in the end. I just hope its mostly not so awful and more like the concert front row you mentioned above....hang in there and kick some ass..."ski"

  3. Duuuude! You KNOW you didn't DIS "One Day At A Time!" That was one of my FAVORITES! Schneider RULED!! Glad your day went relatively smooth. When I had my heart surgery, the first anesthesia they started beforehand set me to itching all over something aweful! I almost said a wordy-dird!