Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 10th - POST #1

Hello All.

At the suggestion of our good friend Barb Fillion in Cincinnati, I've decided to create a blog with regular updates of my fight (and ultimate defeat) of Lymphoma. I hope this is therapeutic for both myself as well as all of you. I'm not sure how often I will post, depending upon my physical and emotional status through the process, but am hopeful to keep it updated on a somewhat regular basis.

Today nears the end of the 'first stage' of this process (all the diagnostic testing) with the final pre-chemo insertion of the port. It's this little thing that goes under your skin in your chest so they can 'plug in' the chemo treatments and various needles without having to wear out your veins over the months of treatments. Frankly, I'm pretty anxious to get this in and the chemo going, because until now the bad cells have been growing and gaining ground. It's gonna be my turn soon to turn the tables and throw some toxic drugs at the little bastards so the tumor and all the active lymph nodes start to shrink. My oncologist, Ionna Hinshaw of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, says that the hip tumor should start shrinking within a couple of days and the pain that has been partially responsible for my gimp status will go away after the first treatment.

Another point of anxiousness today will be the results of the bone biopsy from Monday. Let me tell you, a bone marrow biopsy is not the kind of procedure you want to have on a regular basis. I'm sure natural childbirth beats it on the pain scale, but the bone marrow extraction event is, to say the least, excrutiating. At this point we're hoping it confirms the Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkins diagnosis, so the RCHOP chemo regimen (cocktail o' drugs) can get going and make some headway. If the Lymphoma turns out to be Burkitt's then wel'l have to do something else and possibly delay treatment.

Am I over the shock of the original diagnosis? I think so, as the first two weeks of waiting and not knowing the next steps were excrutiating. But the emotions come and go - so we'll keep taking it a day at a time. Having a good woman by your side is an incredible help, and my decision to pursue the elusive Ms. Amanda Fritz from Evansville some fifteen years ago at Testicle Tech is proving to be a wise one (or a gift from God - you be the judge).

Carpe diem


  1. Bill, this took the wind out of me this afternoon. Many prayers for you. Love your attitude and gratitude. I'd like to follow any of your adventures in life now that the wacky web has made it so easy...I just wish it didn't have to be THIS type of adventure!

    Go get 'em.

    Dan V.

  2. Nathan & Christy ChristopherJune 10, 2009 at 9:31 PM

    Loving the way you think!! You have the winning attitude for what it's going to take! We're cheering you on in Ohio. Much love and prayers! Nathan & Christy

  3. There is no doubt in our minds, you are going to kick this think right in the #ss! We're constantly thinking about you and Amanda and our prayers are with you. You are very lucky that girl even allowed you, one of 'those' creepy college dudes, to even take a second look at her! But, you're rigt, thank god she did. If there is anything I have learned about this crazy life it's that god does things for a reason and sometimes it's hard to figure out or understand what or why, but you will, we all will. Take care....Keith and Jess